The Event

Our application deadline has passed but if you don’t require a visa to enter Romania (click here to find out) this might be your lucky day – we have some open spaces and are accepting last minute applications!




The International Youth Peace Forum: Global Youth Rising 2016 will be held in 2016 from July 10 – 20.

Organisations, movements and individuals are invited to apply.


What is the International Youth Peace Forum: Global Youth Rising 2016?

GYR 2016 is 10 days of intensive trainings, discussions, workshops and practical strategic planning with some of the leading organisations, activists, trainers and practitioners in the world covering peacebuilding, conflict transformation, youth participation and empowerment and much, much more.

To this day, Nelson Mandela inspires even the youngest members of society.

To this day, Nelson Mandela inspires even the youngest members of society to go out and achieve great things.

If you are an organisation working to address conflicts in your community, country or internationally, a youth peace worker, or someone passionate about overcoming violence and extremism or promoting healing and reconciliation in your community; if you are engaging on peace education or working on direct nonviolent action; if you want to be supported, trained and powerfully inspired, and to meet together with incredible activists and practitioners from around the world, the International Youth Peace Forum: Global Youth Rising 2016 is the place to be.


International Youth Peace Forum: GYR 2016 Mission and Mandate

To empower the global movement of youth and citizens involved in peacebuilding with the skills, experience, alliances and networks to help us achieve real and effective impact.

 Who’s Involved?

GYR 2016 is being organised by an incredible alliance of organisations dedicated to the empowerment, leadership and participation of youth, and to tackling the most challenging conflicts and drivers of war and violence in the world, including: the Department of Peace Operations (DPO) of PATRIR, PAX / The Activist Hive, Building Bridges, Search for Common Ground (SFCG), the United Network of Young Peacebuilders, the International Youth Council, War Prevention Initiative, National Peace Academy, World Peace Forum, the International Association of Human Values (IAHV) Peacebuilding, WeUnify, Transconflict, World Vision, Peace Revolution, and the Peace and Collaborative Development Network.

Are you interested in joining the International Youth Peace Forum Alliance or sponsoring participants to GYR 2076? If so, please contact us at:

Who is it for? Who should apply?

The International Youth Peace Forum: Global Youth Rising is for:


  • Youth around the world actively involved in organisations, social movements, civic initiatives and activities for peacebuilding, social justice, human rights and working to address conflict issues and dynamics in our communities, countries and internationally;
  • Youth, organisations and movements working to address and overcome violent extremism both in communities and from states and governments;
  • Youth, organisations and movements who want to deepen real, practical skills in peacebuilding and working with conflict;
  • Youth, organisations and movements working to transform and overcome militarism and war or violent conflict in our communities and internationally

There is also a special focus in this year’s International Youth Forum on key issues including:

  • Building a global solidarity movement and campaigns in our countries with the people of Syria, Iraq, Libya and Yemen to overcome and end the wars in those countries;
  • Building a solidarity movement with the people of Ukraine to help support efforts to end the war and division in Ukraine;
  • Linking together practitioners, activists, organisations and movements working to bring about a fundamental shift in how the world deals with conflicts, replacing war, violence and the global weapons industry with practical and effective means of handling conflicts;
  • Inner peace, resilience, leadership and cultivating peace within to empower, strengthen and support our engagement in often difficult and challenging contexts;
  • Introducing peace education into our schools and societies

Age Range

The age range is primarily 18 – 30. Participants younger than 18 may be considered under exceptional circumstances (dedication, engagement, commitment) and with signed authorisation from a parent. Participants over 30 may also apply. 80% of positions will be for positions 18 – 30, but the International Youth Peace Forum: Global Youth Rising also wants to support connection across generations and to ensure that those people most dedicated and who can contribute to the overall impact of the Forum have the opportunity to take part.

Where will the International Forum take place?


GYR 2016 is being hosted at a retreat / cabin location in the heart of Transylvania, Romania, often referred to as “Europe’s last great wilderness”. Romania is home to the Peace Action, Training and Research Institute of Romania (PATRIR) where the Secretariat for the International Youth Peace Forum: Global Youth Rising 2016 is located.

PATRIR is one of the leading organisations working in peacebuilding internationally and with strategic commitment to empowering peace workers, supporting youth leadership, participation and involvement in peacebuilding, and working to transform how the world deals with conflicts.


The Programme & Format of the Forum and What it will involve

More than a dozen Forums, nearly 50 workshops and training sessions, strategy sessions, reflective & sharing / exchange spaces, yoga, meditation, wilderness excursions, deep dialogue and listening spaces, and much, much more.

The Forum has been designed by an alliance of activists, practitioners, trainers and organisations working in peacebuilding. It will include:

  • Professional skills development and training sessions covering key skills sets for peacebuilding, violence prevention, conflict transformation, reconciliation and healing, and addressing and overcoming violent extremism by both states and non-state actors;
  • Spaces for learning, sharing and exchange between movements, participants and organisations;
  • Joint Action and Planning Sessions where individuals and organisations can come together around the issues and themes most important to them: like stopping the wars in Syria, Iraq, Libya, Yemen and Ukraine; introducing peace education into our schools; strengthening youth participation, engagement and leadership in peacebuilding, and much more
  • Deep training in inner well-being, resilience, and inner peace through meditation, yoga and breathing techniques for those interested (many participants are coming from backgrounds where they, their communities or loved ones have experienced deep violence and trauma. The International Youth Peace Forum is committed to ensuring support and assistance for all participants and training youth practitioners, activists and peace workers in practical skills, tools and techniques for stress, trauma and anxiety management, reduction and prevention

As a participant in the International Youth Peace Forum: Global Youth Rising 2016, you will be able to choose the workshops, trainings, and sessions of most interest to you, and customise the programme to your needs.

Why do we need GYR?

In December 2015, the UN Security Council adopted the historic Resolution 2250 on youth, peace and security that recognizes the vital role of youth in peacebuilding and urges greater representation and participation by young people in the prevention and resolution of conflict. There have been a number of conferences, events and movements promoting youth participation in peace processes, such as the Young Peacebuilders’ Forum 2015. These initiatives are important and superb, and the International Youth Peace Forum: Global Youth Rising wishes to build upon them and go one step further: to go in-depth into the actual training, planning, and building of the alliances and networks that can help us implement real youth empowerment and participation in our communities and countries, and strengthen our active and practical alliance and links together globally.

The Programme:

The Programme is still being developed as trainers and partners input with sessions and modules they will facilitate. This will be regularly updated and shared with participants. The current programme includes:

A Transformative & Empowering Life Experience

Each day of the Forum will start with an optional hour of self-care: yoga, meditation, time to reflect or write a journal, or time to walk around the beautiful countryside before we come together for breakfast and morning briefings. The Forum will be packed with training sessions, workshops, discussion groups, simulations, team-building exercises and practical simulations and ‘real life application’ of skills which you can select from based on your interests and expertise. Training and workshops will be delivered by facilitators who are experts in the field. Participants are also encouraged to present and share knowledge from your own experiences, organisations and movements.

One day will involve excursions where you will be able to choose from hiking in the mountains, giving you the chance to experience the beautiful wilderness that Transylvania has to offer. An alternative excursion will let you explore the picturesque city of Sibiu, where you can spend a Saturday and discover what Romania has to offer.

Evenings will be a chance for everybody to come together and explore new ideas, reflect and to create new, powerful connections through a wide-range of optional activities including:

  • Bonfire / Campfire discussions
  • Peace Circles
  • Community Cooking
  • Film Nights & Discussion
  • Discussion Groups and Movement Design & Planning Sessions
  • Yoga and Meditation sessions
  • Games and activities
  • Cultural exchange

Trainers and Facilitators

GYR 2016 brings trainers from a variety of key organizations in the field of peacebuilding, including PATRIR, UNOY, PAX, National Peace Academy, IAHV, Peace Revolution, Building Bridges for Peace, FCV and many more. Trainers and facilitators come from a variety of organizations engaged with youth work, peacebuilding, peace education and activism. You can read the short bios and descriptions of many of our trainers and facilitators here

Support: Preparation and Follow-up

Before the international youth peace forum, participants will receive:

  • An information document detailing everything you need to know before coming to Romania, e.g. what to bring, what to expect, things you can do here, how to prepare;
  • An invitation to an online discussion and learning space, where you can meet fellow participants before the summer forum, take part in discussions facilitated by our organizers and share resources before you meet in person;
  • Access to high-quality reading and viewing materials, as well as modules related to peacebuilding and youth transformation.

During the forum, you will be supported through:

  • Daily morning meetings with the chance to learn powerful techniques for psychological well-being;
  • A series of high-quality training sessions and workshops delivered by our expert trainers;
  • One-to-one support, coaching or mentoring from facilitators and trainers;
  • The creation of a strategic plan of action, detailing how you can use the lessons learned at the International Youth Peace Forum: Global Youth Rising within your organization and in your life in general.

After the Forum you can receive:

  • Support, mentoring, and advice from facilitators and trainers;
  • The online forum will continue to exist so you can keep in touch with everyone you have met at the forum – to share photos, stories, experiences, frustrations and successes. This will also give you the chance to continue to build movements that bring together organizations from around the world dedicated to a common cause;
  • Three large Skype meetings – one month, three months and six months after the event– to check in and find out what you are doing.

Course Contributions – Payment Structure

We aim to keep costs as low as possible in the interests of making the forum as accessible as possible. Course contributions covering the entire 10 day programme, accommodation and food are:

OECD participants: 500 EUR
Non-OECD participants: 300 EUR

Camping (bring your own tent; we have beautiful spaces for camping, with access to showers, toilets, and food is still included): 200 EUR

Costs cover:

  • Transportation from Cluj-Napoca to the youth peace forum location;
  • Ten nights of accommodation at the youth forum (10th-20th July) – a bed in a shared room or a space for camping (depending on your fee)
  • Dinner on the 10th July, all meals from 11th-19th July (breakfast, lunch and dinner), breakfast on the 20th, and refreshments throughout the day;
  • All training and workshops, morning and evening activities;
  • One excursion from the youth forum (you will be able to select between hiking or a city-break to Sibiu).

Costs do not cover:

  • The costs of obtaining a visa to enter Romania (if applicable);
  • Transport to Cluj-Napoca;
  • Extra charge (+150 EUR) if you wish to have your own bedroom;
  • Any meals or accommodation outside the duration of the forum;
  • Any extra excursions that participants choose to partake in while at the forum;
  • Any extra snacks bought during the course dates;
  • Medical/travel insurance.

Organizations sending 3 or more participants can receive an additional 10% discount.

Our application deadline has passed but if you don’t require a visa to enter Romania (click here to find out) this might be your lucky day – we have some open spaces and are accepting last minute applications!


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As soon as you start thinking about coming, it would be helpful if you sent us a brief email identifying yourself to help us with the planning process.

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