The Vision

Together, we are a group of organisations that believe that peace is possible, but that it requires the commitment of passionate, enthusiastic people. Young people are vital in working towards and sustaining peace, and yet there are few (if any) forums where youth activists, organisations and individuals can come together to share, learn and co-create together – in a stunning mountain location in the beautiful Romanian countryside.


Given the current state of the world – with the rise of extremism and violence, increasing instability and millions of people seeking asylum in Europe, structured paths to peace are needed more now than ever. We believe that supporting people to create positive social change is a vital path for tackling violence and extremism in all its forms.

Our hope is to empower the new generation of youth around the world involved in peacebuilding and nonviolence movements. Through training sessions, workshops, seminars and non-formal learning activities such as sharing circles, discussion groups, film nights and even theatre, the Youth for Positive Change 2016 summer camp is an exciting space where you will connect with passionate, like-minded people from across the world working in the field of peace work and activism.

We want to provide deep support, training and empowerment for young activists and peacebuilders and create an international solidarity and support movement between peacebuilders in Europe and other regions – in particular the MENA region. Global Youth Rising will be a fantastic summer camp, giving you the opportunity to build bridges, collaborate and create new partnerships and friendships with organisations from different background and cultures but with a common goal – working for peace.

  • To increase youth activists and peacebuilders’ knowledge, skills and empowerment in the fields of conflict transformation, peacebuilding, activism and social justice, which will ultimately benefit individuals and their organizations and communities;
  • To create a powerful and inspiring forum where youth activists, organisations and movements  from a variety of backgrounds can share and exchange ideas and experiences linked to their work in the field, including specific examples from their organisations;
  • To enable individuals from organisations with similar goals (peace, social justice, environmental protection) to collaborate and create partnerships in order to strengthen their causes and the work on their organisations with the wider vision of creating a global peace movement;
  • To support the development of a global movement of citizens and a united campaign to bring about an end to the wars in Syria, Libya, Iraq and Yemen;
  • To create a forum for sharing, cooperation and exchange between participants from different backgrounds and to create collaborative movements between organizations worldwide;
  • The development of a strong social, organizational and field-based platform to continue the sharing and development of ideas and relationships beyond the physical gathering.