The Global Youth Rising – International Peace Forum 2016 has already passed. But there will be a new edition next year. Make sure to like our Facebook page to stay tuned to our announcements, or fill in the following form and we will announce you when we have more information about the next edition


Youth for ChangeWho can apply?

Are you engaged in youth activism or peacebuilding? Do you want to meet inspiring people from around the world working for the same goals of peace and social justice?

The Global Youth Rising summer camp is aimed at young people already active as activists or peacebuilders aged 18-30, although older participants are welcome to apply. Our goal is to create as a diverse a group of participants as possible. We are hoping to draw youth from around the world working in many different fields of positive change.

We accept applications from individuals and those association with organizations. If you work for an organization that can send 3 or more participants, we also offer a 10% discount.

As soon as you start thinking about coming, it would be helpful if you sent us a brief email identifying yourself to help us with the planning process.

Contact email: 

Course Contributions
In order to make the Global Youth Rising summer camp as accessible as possible, we have endeavoured to make prices as low as we can. The contributions for the summer camp are:

– 500€ for participants from OECD countries (North America, South-east Asia and Australia)
– 300€ for non-OECD countries (Latin America, Asia, Africa and Eastern Europe)

-200€ for anyone who is camping! Bring your own tent; we have beautiful spaces for camping, with access to showers, toilets, and food is still included.

Costs cover:

  • Transportation from Cluj-Napoca to the location of the youth forum;
  • Ten nights of accommodation at the camp (10th-20th July) – a bed in a shared room or a space to camp (depending on your fee)
  • Dinner on the 10th July, all meals from 11th-19th July (breakfast, lunch and dinner), breakfast on the 20th, and refreshments throughout the day;
  • All training and workshops, morning and evening activities;
  • One city-break to Sibiu or hiking in the mountains

Costs do not cover:

  • The costs of obtaining a visa to enter Romania (if applicable);
  • Transport to Cluj-Napoca;
  • Any meals or accommodation outside the duration of the forum;
  • Any extra excursions that participants choose to partake in while at the forum;
  • Any extra snacks bought during the course dates;
  • Medical/travel insurance.


Alternatively, if you’d like to download a Word version of the application to fill in and send to, please click here to download it