Trainer Spotlight: A Message from Sabin Mureșan

sabin muresan
This week’s spotlight brings you an experienced practitioner and old friend of PATRIR, Sabin Mureșan, with a personalized message:
Dear friends,
After a few years of working with nonformal experiential education and as a radio journalist, I discovered peace work in 2001, when PATRIR was founded. First I wanted to help others solve their conflicts, so I started learning about and practicing conflict transformation and peacebuilding. A few years and post war countries later I realised that I am actually working on my inner peace, understanding my own conflicts and tension, my own blockages and shadows: a complex process of self-awareness and transformation.
Peace starts with me! With this realisation I have been working lately on helping teams and individuals tapping into and manifesting their inner peace resources. I have been developing a platform called Seeds of Happiness, which supports people in becoming  aware about their physical, emotional, mental and spiritual practices and balance. It is an exciting work and quite often I see people going through intense transformational processes. I get feedback on how their lives are changed by our meeting and I even noticed a couple getting married a couple of months after one of my workshops! (Not fully sure about the causality connection, though 🙂 )
I think that any peace worker could benefit from developing:
– a good ability to accept and integrate all experiences of life – pleasant and not so pleasant, as part of the transformative natural flow of a beautiful and mysterious reality.
– a solid understanding of peace work as a part of the living and ever changing Universe, with the essence of it being contained both in the greater ebb and flow of interdependence and in its interconnected parts.
I am planning to bring this two topics at Global Youth Rising and facilitate spaces for dialogue and practice on them. Keep in mind some key words: social permaculture,  spirituality and quantum physics, mindfulness and heart-fullness.
Peace starts with you. Here and now. There is no other place. No other time. No one else. It is all about you being fully aware, conscious and at peace about your every experience of life.
See you in three weeks in Romania!
Be well,

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