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Have you ever thought about war and violence in the world and wished you could do something about it? Egypt-Women-Protest-Arab-Spring Have you watched the attacks in Syria, Iraq, Brussels, Paris and elsewhere and either felt powerless and saddened or felt ‘a better way’ needs to be found?

The International Youth Peace Forum: Global Youth Rising 2016 is about finding that better way. GYR 2016 is bringing together youth from communities and countries all over the world – many of them, like Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan, Egypt, Kosovo, Libya and Ukraine – deeply affected by violence and war.

We have launched a global crowdsourcing / crowdfunding appeal to raise support for incredible youth peace workers and activists working to overcome violence and war in their communities. These young peace workers and activists come from two groups:

– dedicated, incredible youth from Iraq, Syria, Libya, Yemen and Ukraine working in the midst of war and conflict to build peace in their communities and working actively to bring an end to the wars in their countries. These are the focal countries for this years International Youth Peace Forum and we’re trying to raise support for 20 participants from these countries;

– incredible young peace workers from around the world – from across Africa, Central and Latin America, Asia and elsewhere. These are people who are already doing amazing work, and we’re trying to bring them together to help learn more from and with each other, and to help strengthen each other further with practical skills and deep training in peacebuilding, working to prevent armed conflict and violence, and reconciliation, healing and recovery after war.

We have already had some fantastic applications from dedicated young people from across the world, and with your help we might be able to help them join us this July. If you know anyone who can help, please spread the word!

Support Us Today!

Support us today!

Support us today! 
You can also reach us directly at if you’d like to speak to any in our team, receive more information or ask specific questions about the programme and support for young peace leaders.
Click here to support us today

For those supporting – thank you. Your contribution helping young and emerging peace leaders participate in the Forum can help change the lives of those taking part, but can also help directly contribute to ending the wars in their communities and countries. Thank you for being part of this, and for contributing to a real and necessary change.

All contributions will go through Works of Wonder International – one of the organising partners of the Global Youth Rising: International Youth Peace Forum 2016. 100% of each donation received will go directly to the Forum.

For those of you joining us in July, we are very excited – only a few weeks left to go!

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